Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Final Paper Idea: Frankenstein

Earlier this semester, I wrote my paper on Frankenstein and how the theme of nature is prevalent throughout the novel. I wanted to extend my research on the novel Frankenstein , the creature and Thoreau's Walden Pond.

Walden Pond by Henry David Thoreau is a witty, refreshing book about a man at peace with the natural world around him. This is a bit in contrast with how the creature interacted in the natural world, he was not necessarily in peace with it, because he was rejected due to his "unnatural" creation.

Thoreau makes references to many varied subjects, and many different kinds of readers will find ways to relate to what he says. He refers to mythology, history, poetry, knowledge of plants and wildlife and carpentry, then comes full-circle and tells us what he is doing, but finally tells us that none of those things matter as much as living life in the present without pretense.

I find that there are correlations between the text of Walden Pond and Frankenstein through the theme of nature. The creature discovers nature on his own and learns from it as well by observing. This is the same for the narrator in Walden Pond. However, these two characters ultimately have different outcomes with their experience in nature, they do have similarities in learning to coincide with nature.

My plan is to use the content of Walden Pond to provide further analysis as to how the creature discovers himself and nature. I think Walden Pond will provide significant content in order to contextualize the theme of nature in Frankenstein.

What do you think? Any further ideas on where I could take this analysis?

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